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Use Simple Ways to Convert Google Docs to PDF Format

Written By Neha Verma
Marco Devin
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Published On March 12th, 2024

Google Docs is a modern word-processing program that offers many cloud features that connect users through a single document. It enables them to concurrently and instantly edit and modify the document. To preserve the format of your documents, you often try to convert Google Docs to PDF after finishing them.

Thus, this post offers a comprehensive to turn Google Docs into PDF using several different techniques.

Let’s now go through the available solutions which can help users to get their doc files from Google in a PDF format manually.

What Are The Manual Ways to Save Google Docs File as PDF?

Here are some common methods that can be used when the user needs to turn Google Docs into PDF which is in fewer numbers:

1. Convert Google Docs to PDF by Emailing Google Docs to Someone

The Send as email feature in a Google Doc allows you to save it as a PDF. How to do it is as follows:

  • Open an existing document or create a new one by going to Google Docs on your desktop.
  • Select “File” by clicking. After hovering over Email, select Email this file.
  • Google Docs to PDF email send function.
  • After completing the required fields, click Send.
  • Verify that the PDF option is chosen at the dialogue box’s bottom.

2. Simply Turn Google Docs into PDF Format

A Google Doc can also be downloaded as a PDF and saved that way.

  • To convert Google Docs to PDF  you will have to navigate to the document you wish to, Select “File” by clicking.
  • Choose Download as the option, and now select the PDF file (.pdf).
  • Your default downloads folder will be where the PDF is downloaded.

3. Create a PDF printout.

You may also save a Google Doc as a PDF file by using the print command. Here’s how to do it:

  • To save Google Docs files as PDF format, open your Google Docs and select the docs you want to save as PDF.
  • On your keyboard, type Ctrl + P or CMD + P to print. Alternatively, select Print by clicking the option located beneath File and Edit, or at the bottom of the File menu.
  • Verify that Save as PDF is selected under Destination.
    Google Docs to PDF: Print this PDF document. Once you’ve chosen your desired location, click Save.

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Additional Tips to Turn Google Docs Into PDF:

  1. Formatting Considerations: We need to be aware that the formatting of the document might not be the same to some extent during the process of conversion. Hence, we suggest going through the converted files and ensuring that everything is in order.
  2. Google Drive Integration: Google Drive comes as an alternative manual solution to save Google Docs file as PDF format directly. Once you open your G Drive, select “Open with” from the context menu, then go to “Google Docs”. Now follow the steps that we have explained in 3rd method.

How to Convert Google Docs to PDF Format When Having Multiple Doc Files?

The above-mentioned methods are useful when there is less number of Doc files which are required to be saved as PDF. But what if there are multiple Doc files? Well for this case one can simply reply on the  Gmail Backup Tool to save Google Docs file as PDF. it not only provides PDF as a single option but also allows you to save them in PST, MSG, MBOX, and EML format. The helps to extract all attachments from Gmail and helps in creating space by providing the Delete after Download option.

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How to Save Google Docs File As PDF Using the Automated Tool?

  • To convert Google Docs to PDF, first download and run the tool and log into the software by entering Google Account details.

login and convert google docs to PDF

  • The next step is to choose the PDF format as the “Export” type.

select the export type

  • Then select the Category “Documents” from the list.

select the docs as the category

  • Select the intended destination on the computer, then click Apply Filter.

  • Now use the Browse button to set the location where the exported PDF file will be saved.

  • To initiate the process and convert Google Docs to PDF, click the “Start” button.

convert google docs to PDF

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Through this post, we have explained some common methods that can be used to convert Google Docs to PDF file format. There are certain cases in which a user is required to convert a few online Doc files into a PDF. For a lesser number of files, users can directly go with the manual methods. However, in case having multiple Doc files then using the automated solution becomes the ideal way to turn Google Docs into PDF, we have explained the proper working of the tool. You can explore and use it.