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Get Instant Ways to Backup Gmail Account Before Deleting It

Written By Neha Verma
Marco Devin
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Published On March 12th, 2024

Summary: Under certain circumstances, it requires a user to backup Gmail account before deleting it. Hence, we have covered some reasons and a few useful methods which explain how you can get all the data before deleting the Gmail account. We have also mentioned the professional method (Gmail Email Backup Tool) to make it easier for users to download the email file with the attachments effectively.

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Around the world, the majority of people prefer using Gmail services offered by Google which is ranked among the email clients and also considered as the most trusted email client to use. When creating a Gmail account, users get 15 GB of storage space for free. They can send and receive emails up to 25MB and 50MB.

However, data loss could occur from Google Mail’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks. Therefore, you can save gmail emails before deleting your account or back up your Gmail emails to guard against data corruption or loss.

Why There is a Need to Save Gmail Emails Before Deleting Account?

Your Gmail account contains all your historical data which includes your personal emails, transactions and bank-related emails which are important and can be required at any time. Contacts and addresses are also there that are more important when you are working in a firm. However, a situation might occur in which the user is required to switch from Gmail to another email client. Then it becomes important to take a backup Gmail account before deleting it. Doing this will help to access those data in future when needed.

Now let’s explore various options to save the required gmail data.

Method 1: Backup Gmail Account Before Deleting Using Google Takeout

  1. First, open your Gmail account and log in.
  2. Next, select Manage your Google account by clicking on the Profile image located on the right side of the screen.
  3. Now, select the Data and Privacy option from the menu that appears on the screen’s left side.
  4. To download or remove your data part, scroll down the page. Next, select the “Download” option located in the “Download or Delete Your Data” section.
  5. Following that, a Google takeout wizard will appear, by default with every option checked.
  6. Here, pick “deselect all,” then scroll down the page to look for the Mail option.
  7. Navigate to the footer point in the wizard now and select the Next Step button.
  8. Choose the file type, size, and delivery method next. You also want to tap the Create export button.
  9. You will now be sent a download link to the inbox folder in Gmail. (Note: It can take more time depending upon the size of your mailbox).
  10. At last, you have finished backing up your Gmail account.

Method 2: Download Selected PDF files as PDF File Format

In some cases, users are required only to get the important emails with the attachments. In another way, if the user wants to get selective email attachments they can use this method to get the required data with attachments easily.

  1. Enter your Google account credentials to access your Gmail account.
  2. Open the email you wish to store on your external hard drive right now.
  3. The chosen email can then be printed by tapping the Print All icon.
  4. A print option pop-up can be found here.
  5. To save a specific email in PDF format, select the Save as PDF location and press the Save button.

Note: You can only backup one Gmail email at a time to PDF format using this method. This indicates that not all Gmail emails can be backed up.

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Use Quick Solution to Backup Gmail Account Before Deleting

You can use Google Takeout to export Gmail emails in MBOX format in order to take a backup of your emails before terminating your account. Takeout can also be used to download additional Google products, including calendars, drives, contacts, and more.

For Windows Users

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Using the Offline Gmail Backup Software, to take email backups in PST, EML, MSG, MBOX, and PDF file formats, is another method to backup Gmail accounts before deleting them. This tool is much faster when compared to Google Takeout. Also, it offers numerous email formats for backup. Additionally, it also provides many advanced features which make it easier for users to backup gmail accounts before deleting them.

How to Save Gmail Emails Before Deleting Account Using the Offline Tool?

1. Open the tool after downloading it. Then enter your Gmail login information, and click “Login.”

backup gmail account before deleting

2. Select any File format to save the backup data as the export format, then click the Browse button to select the desired results destination directory.

choose export type and items to backup

3. After that click the “Delete After Download” option and select Yes. This helps to delete the files once the files are backed up.

To export your emails, mark the folders you wish to export them from and select the Apply Filters option. If necessary, select the dates from which you wish to save the messages.

apply filters to get the required emails

4. When everything is finished, click the Start button to launch the utility, which will begin downloading or selecting gmail emails.

backup gmail account before deleting

This way users can easily save gmail emails before deleting account. You get the option to save the backup in any of the available formats.

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At a given point in time, some users are required to move or shift to another email client like Outlook or Thunderbird from an existing Google account. There can be several reasons behind that. However, the main question that comes across is how we can backup Gmail account before deleting it. Here we have discussed some of the most effective methods that can be useful in saving the required or complete Gmail data.