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Terms & Services is a fully operational organisation with a various group of talented and motivated individuals. There are many problems that can be solved using other software or tools, but not on this website. Our experts are focused and provide a solution using only manual methods. So, the contents and services of this website are protected by copyright laws, and any distribution, recreation, or reproduction without permission is prohibited, and we will be forced to take legal action.

Communication Terms

If any electronic communication occurs from the end user while accessing the website or purchasing a product, it should express their consent to allow us to communicate with them in the future. Future communication can take place via any electronic medium, such as email, newsletter, post, and so on.


To provide users with technical information, this website has been maintained. While we make every effort to provide accurate information, we cannot guarantee its accuracy, correctness, suitability, or timeliness. Due to the large amount of data, there may be inaccuracies or errors. Any reliance on the content is at the user's risk. Every aspect of the website is protected by copyrights; reproduction of any of it is a crime.

Violating Terms and Condition

This includes trespassing on property. In this case, we have the authority to:

Formalize your warnings to the user.

Continued access to the website may result in a permanent ban

Our organisation may immediately block your IP address.

We maintain the right to pursue legal action in court.

Individual Product and Services

If our experts recommend any software or services, please be aware that the software has its own terms of use. So, using the software is entirely at the user's risk. Assume no responsibility for the product's quality or security. The offered software is solely owned by the publishers. We at do not promote or deal with any software products or legal issues.