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Use Top 3 Effective Way to Extract All Attachments From Gmail

Written By Neha Verma
Marco Devin
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Published On March 12th, 2024

Are you experiencing the pilling up of email attachments in your Gmail mailbox? If yes, then you are also among those who are going through the same issue and spending hours on determining the sure shot solution to extract all attachments from Gmail to streamline email attachments in Gmail and get out of the overloaded inbox dilemma.

With the help of this post, you will be able to explore and use the most effective and simple ways to download multiple attachments from Gmail accounts.

User Query 1: Since I’ve been using Gmail for the past six years, I have thousands of email attachments stored there. I now want to download every attachment from my Gmail account, but there isn’t a way to do so all at once. Could you kindly provide me with a straightforward method for extracting attachments from a Gmail account in bulk?

User Query 2: I’ve made the decision to terminate one of my Gmail accounts, but I still want to save all of my significant attachments locally. Please advise me on a way to extract attachments from my Gmail accounts as doing this by hand takes a lot of time.

Manual Way to Extract All Attachments From Gmail

Here is a quick solution to download the attachments which are small in numbers. In the case of multiple files, the same solution may take some time to transfer attachments from a Google account.

  1. Open the email containing the attachment after logging in to the Gmail app.
  2. To view the attachment, click on it.
  3. Select the download icon next to the name of the attachment.

This way you can easily save your attachments. However, if there are multiple attachments to extract then using the Google Takeout will be the best choice.

Using Google Takeout to Extract All Attachments From Gmail

You have multiple attachments and want to extract them to declutter your Gmail inbox. Google Takeout is the best application for saving the required elements like docs, Photos, email attachments etc. Just go through the below-mentioned steps to download multiple attachments from Gmail mailbox.

  1. Visit the Google Takeout website (
  2. Select “Deselect All” to uncheck all Google services.
  3. Scroll down and enable only “Mail.”
  4. Click on “All Mail data included” to customize the data to be exported.
  5. Choose specific labels or folders containing attachments.
  6. Click “Next” and select your export options (file format, delivery method, etc.).
  7. Click “Create export.”

Google will compile your data and send you a download link once it’s ready.

Using Gmail Label and Filter Strategy to Save the Gmail Attachments

Gmail’s labelling and filtering features could be another interesting solution to manage and download multiple attachments from Gmail.

  • For emails that contain attachments, create a label with the name “Attachments.”
  • Emails containing attachments can be automatically categorised into this label by using Gmail filters.
  • You may quickly access and download every attachment included in an email once it has been tagged.

Using Effortless Solution to Extract All Attachments From Gmail

If the idea of individually saving every email without attachments bothers you, you can use an automated tool to save Gmail emails to PDF format.

Using an automated tool such as Gmail Backup Software, you can convert all of your emails into PDF files that contain attachments.

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Using the software’s Folder filter option, a selective Gmail folder can also be exported. Furthermore, the tool offers a plethora of additional features to aid in the export process.

Quick Guide to Download Gmail Attachments Using The Tool

1. Launch Gmail backup Software. Enter Gmail account credentials for login to extract all attachments from Gmail accounts.

2. Select the Category “Email” and the Email format as “PDF”.

3.  Apply Date filter and Folder Filters for selective data export.

4. Browse the destination location and click on the Start button to take a backup and extract all attachments from Gmail.

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To organise your inbox, protect sensitive files, or simplify email administration, you must know how to effectively extract all of Gmail’s attachments. While manual approaches work well for a limited number of attachments, other than that the automated tool makes the process easier and helps to extract all attachments from Gmail accounts. Take easy control of your Gmail attachments by selecting the approach that best suits your needs and workflow.