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How to Save Gmail Emails to Flash Drive – An Extensive Tutorial

Written By Sophia Grace
Marco Devin
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Published On November 5th, 2022

As Gmail is one of the most used email applications all over the world, multiple users have different types of queries. One such query is – how to save Gmail emails to flash drive. In this article, we are going to describe two ways using which users can download their email messages in two formats.

The first procedure will help users download emails to a USB drive from Gmail into EML format. Moreover, the second method will help you download emails in Portable Document Format (PDF). A user can opt for any of these solutions depending on their requirements.

Why Users Prefer Saving Gmail Emails to Flash Drive

Keeping your Gmail emails in a USB flash drive has various advantages when compared to Google cloud storage. Some of them are explained below:

  • You don’t need to have an active Internet connection to access your emails. You can access those emails anytime you want.
  • You don’t have to carry any device with you to access your emails. Simply carry the flash drive containing those emails and easily plug it into a device wherever you go.
  • No matter if Google’s Gmail Server is facing downtime issues or not, you still have access to downloaded Gmail emails in your flash drive.

How to Download Gmail Emails to USB Drive in EML Format

Although Gmail provides the option to download a single message file from Gmail in an EML file, many users are unaware of this option. The simple steps to save emails to flash drive from Gmail are as follows:

1. First, log in to your Gmail account and open the email message that you want to download.

2. Click on the 3-vertical dots present in the top-right corner. Here, you will get an option as a Download message.

3. This option will directly download your opened email message in the Downloads folder.

Performing these steps will download all email messages in EML format. Although, the major limitation of this procedure is that it will only save a single message at a time. If you have hundreds or thousands of emails, then it might take a bit long time to save Gmail emails to flash drive.

If you don’t want to save your emails in EML format, then you can refer to the following procedure.

You can also have a look at the steps to export Gmail emails to PST format.

Steps to Download Emails to Flash Drive from Gmail in a Document Format

As EML files are platform and OS-dependent (a user would face difficulties opening them on smartphones), many users don’t prefer that file format. In such situations, PDF is the best file format that a user can choose from. These files can be opened on any device and in any operating system.

Additionally, you don’t need to have any third-party application installed in your system to access your emails. Thus, many users prefer going with the discussed export option while saving Gmail emails to Flash drives.

You can refer to this article to get the steps to save Gmail emails in PDF format.

Just like the previous method, this procedure also saves a single message at a time. That means if you have multiple Gmail emails, then you will have to perform these steps again and again.

Furthermore, if you want to save your Gmail emails to a USB flash drive in bulk, then you can also use Google Takeout. This solution by Google will help you export your entire email data in bulk without any issues. You can refer to this write-up to export emails from Google Takeout.

Concluding Words

There might be multiple reasons why a user would want to save Gmail email to flash drive. However, choosing the best procedure matters a lot as there are multiple options to download your emails. Considering all those points in mind, we have discussed three different ways using which you can easily download emails to USB flash drive from Gmail.