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Use Quick Tricks to Increase Gmail Storage Space Effectively

Written By Neha Verma
Marco Devin
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Published On March 12th, 2024

The Gmail Quota Exceeded error message appears and prevents users from sending or receiving more emails whenever the storage limits are surpassed. We know that Google provides 15 GB of space to store your Photos emails documents etc. But when it fills up completely, then it requires you to upgrade your storage plans to increase Gmail storage space or try to create space by making some space.

User Query 2: Sending and receiving emails from my Google mail account is not working for me. “You can’t send or receive emails because you’re out of storage space” is the error message I keep seeing. Please assist me in quickly fixing this problem and making more space in Gmail to send or receive emails.”

User Query 1: “My Gmail account now has only 2% free memory. Could someone please tell me how to get free additional Gmail space? We would greatly appreciate any suggestions to increase Gmail storage space.”

We see that several users go through this issue and want to get more Gmail storage. So through this post, we will be explaining some techniques that can be used to make more space in gmail without taking the storage upgrading plans.

What’s Taking Up All of Your Gmail Space?

You are familiar with Gmail storage management. Because the storage space is divided between Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive, it’s critical to monitor its usage. To look into Gmail’s storage:

  1. Select “View details” after navigating to the Drive storage page. The distribution of your storage space and the space used by your Gmail account are now visible to you.
  2. This will assist in identifying the service that is taking up a lot of room. You can now free up that service’s space.

Use Common Techniques to Increase Gmail Storage Space

Using a few simple tricks users can manually get more Gmail storage to keep all their crucial emails and other data without upgrading to a higher storage plan. In case you cannot remove any of the Google data then you have the only option to purchase the storage plan which gives more storage space.

To make more space in gmail, you use these manual methods:

Method 1: Make Space on Google Drive and Photos

Users of Google are given 15GB of shared storage across several Google services, primarily Photos and Drive. Assume for the moment that you have 10GB of photos on Google servers, leaving 5GB available for your Gmail profile. Now, if you are running low on space, it is usually a good idea to free up some by determining how much is being used by Photos and Google Drive. Delete any unnecessary files you may have in your Google Drive and Photos immediately. That will allow users to create more space in gmail and other applications of Google.

Method 2: Eliminate the Outdated Emails to Increase Gmail Storage Space

The discussions you had about random topics in your inbox with your friends ten years ago are no longer relevant. Just search for them if you want your mailbox to be free of outdated emails.

The process is very simple. Simply type “older_than:1y” into the email search bar after it opens. After sorting through all of the emails, remove the unnecessary ones.

Method 3: Use the Effective Solution to Increase Gmail Storage Space

Users may occasionally need to make room for multiple Gmail accounts to facilitate easy management. In that scenario, utilising the Most Effective Gmail Data Backup Tool, which backs up data and offers the option to delete it after it’s finished, can help you delete selected emails from Gmail account and get the necessary amount of space.

It also provides export options like PST, PDF, MSG, EML, and MBOX and different backup categories to choose and backup them.

For Windows Users

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For Mac Users

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How to Create More Space in Gmail Using This Tool?

To enhance Gmail storage space and create backups, let’s examine how to utilise this tool:

  1. To create more space in Gmail, download the utility and enter your Gmail information.login to Increase Gmail Storage Space
  2. Next, select the Export format to store the data backup.export type
  3. The Category should be selected. Users have the option of choosing one or more category
  4. Use the Browse button to choose the folder location to save to after choosing the Category and Export type.browse to save the backup
  5. Use the Apply Filter option to obtain the necessary data; additionally, the user has the option to use the Delete After Download option. And click the Start button to increase Gmail storage space by taking the backup. Increase Gmail Storage Space

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We know that it becomes an issue when your Gmail gets full and in this case, any common user would like to create more space in gmail without buying the other storage plans from Google. So, we have explained some common tricks and a quick solution to increase Gmail storage space and add important emails or docs that are required. The automated tool that we have covered here gives multiple advanced options to manage a Google account.