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Use Quick Solutions to Delete Selected Emails From Gmail Account

Written By Neha Verma
Marco Devin
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Published On March 12th, 2024

We have seen several queries related to what to do when a Gmail account gets full. As we know Google provides 15 GB of storage space for every single Google account which includes all the applications like Photos, Gmail, Drive etc. So, after storage space becomes full, it requires either increasing the space or to delete selected emails from Gmail which are not required.

With the help of this article, we will cover a few methods to remove select groups of emails in gmail or all the emails from the Gmail account to get some space.

Initially What We Should Be Aware of…

One thing that is to be understood is that once the Google account storage becomes full, the user will not be able to send or receive the Emails. So, it must be ensured regularly that your Gmail account is not full. If it gets full then follow the methods that we have mentioned in this post to delete selected Gmail emails.

Using Quick Methods to Delete Selected Emails From Gmail

  1. Launch Gmail: In case you haven’t logged in yet, visit your Gmail account and log in.Check the boxes next to the emails you wish to remove when you select Emails. Holding down the “Shift” or “Ctrl” key (on Windows) or the “Command” key (on Mac) while clicking on the emails allows you to select multiple emails.
  2. Delete Emails: After making your selections, click the trash can icon, which resembles a trash can, at the top of your inbox or above the emails you’ve chosen. The chosen emails will be moved to the Trash folder as a result.
  3. Empty Trash: To permanently get rid of these emails, select “Empty Trash now” or “Delete all” from the Trash folder (located on the left sidebar).

One thing to remember is that with the help of this manual way, users can permanently delete selected gmail emails. though all the deleted emails can be accessed in the Trash folder. Deleted ones remain there in Tash for 30 days, after that it removes the deleted emails permanently.

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Using the software’s Folder filter option, a selective Gmail folder can also be exported. Furthermore, the tool offers a plethora of additional features to aid in the export process.

Remove Select Groups of Emails in Gmail Using Takeout?

Initially, we have to say that Google Takeout is generally used for archiving or taking backup of your data from different services that are offered by Google. It does not help to delete selected emails from gmail. However, one can use this application to back up all your gmail emails and once the Gmail backup is taken then remove select groups of emails in Gmail. This way a user can easily create space.

You would take the following actions to export or backup your Gmail emails using Google Takeout:

  1. Go to Google Takeout by clicking this link: Google Takeout.
  2. Decide Which Data to Incorporate: Choose the Google services you wish to create an archive for, including Gmail. Select “Next.”
  3. Customise Archive Format and Size: Select the file type, archive size, and delivery method (email, Dropbox, Drive, etc.) for your archive.
  4. To create an archive, select “Create Export.” Google will begin getting ready to download your data. The length of time it takes will depend on the volume of data.

Recall that using Google Takeout to create an archive merely creates a copy of your data in a downloadable format; it does not erase your emails.

 Delete Selected Emails From Gmail Using Quick Solution

People generally wonder at this point not to remove all the email messages but delete selected gmail emails. This creates some amount of space to receive mail and store other required data. Some of them may try to remove a few selected emails manually. What if there are a group of emails to remove from multiple Gmail accounts?

For Windows Users

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For Mac Users

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Here, one has the option to use the Automated Gmail Backup Tool, in which the user gets the option to delete selected emails from gmail. using the “Date Range filter”, you can take the backup and use the Delete after Download option to remove all the emails once the backup process is done.

You also get the option to export any category Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and Docs to any of these file formats PST, PDF, MSG, EML, VCF and MBOX. Mac and Windows users can Download and use this tool.

Using the Automated Tool to Delete Selected Gmail Emails

  • After downloading the tool, enter your Gmail login credentials and click “Login” to delete selected emails from gmail.

login and delete selected emails from gmail

  • To save the backup data as an export format, choose any File format and the Category as Email. Next, click the Browse button to choose the destination directory for the desired results.

choose export type and items to backup

  • Next, pick Yes when prompted to “Delete After Download.” Once the files are backed up, this makes it easier to delete them.
  • Mark the folders from which you want to export your emails, then choose the Apply Filters option to export them. Choose the dates that you want to save the messages, if that’s necessary.

apply filters to get the required emails

  • After everything is complete, select or download Gmail emails by clicking the Start button to start the utility and delete selected emails from Gmail.

delete selected emails from gmail

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Through this post, we have discussed how much storage a user gets when creating an account. Also how we can create space within the limited storage space. Sometimes when storage gets full it needs to either be ungraded to the next version to increase the space or delete selected emails from Gmail which are not required. Here, we have explained different solutions that can be used to delete selected Gmail emails.