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How to Extract Email Addresses from PST File? Free Method

Written By Kristian Wilson
Marco Devin
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Published On September 20th, 2022

Sometimes situations come when we want to extract email addresses from PST file for professional and personal work. But we don’t know the methods and ways.

Don’t worry, here we will explain to you the methods to extract email addresses from PST files free with complete information. Before starting the process, first, we will see the user queries to export email addresses from the PST file.

User’s Queries to Export Email Addresses from PST

“I am a manager in the marketing department, and I want to export email addresses so that I may use them for marketing purposes. I have experience with a professional tool, but unfortunately, it is rather expensive. Therefore, at this time I am searching for a pocket-friendly solution that can extract email addresses from a PST file without causing any of the information to be lost.”

“Hey, I have a PST file with some of my most crucial information. However, I need to get email addresses out of the Outlook PST file for some reason related to my job. Also, I do not have Outlook email software on my machine. If anybody knows of a way to extract contacts from a.PST file without using Outlook, please let me know.”

Pro Tip: Here we mentioned manual methods to export email addresses from PST using Outlook. But many times happens when we have only PST files, Outlook is not installed, etc. In these kinds of situations, we should use any professional solution, which comes with fantastic and unique features.

Manual Method to Extract Email Addresses from PST File

Here I will show you how to export contacts from the Outlook PST file in CSV format. because there is no direct way to extract only Outlook email addresses. Also, read the all restrictions and drawbacks of this method before starting the process:

  1. Step 1: Open Outlook on your system.
  2. Step 2: And then, click on the file >> “Open & Export” >> choose “Import/Export” and hit the “Next” button.

    open & export

  3. Step 3: Next, click on the “Export to a File” option from the list.

    Export to a File

  4. Step 3: Now choose the “Comma Separated Value” option and hit the “Next” icon.

    Comma Separated Value

  5. Step 4: After that, select the required contacts or emails and then the “Next” button.

    required contacts to extract email addresses from PST file

  6. Step 5: Now a window will appear and select “Map Custom Fields” >> Finish button.

    Map Custom Fields

  7. Step 6: Next click on the “Clear Map” option if you don’t like the default settings and lastly hit on the “Ok” button to extract email addresses from the PST file.

Now you will get the all information of stored contacts in Outlook, like email address, name, phone number, etc.

Drawbacks of using Manual Methods

  • Manual methods only extract saved contacts.
  • Technical knowledge is required to do the process.
  • Outlook must be installed in good condition.
  • Users can export the email addresses of those contacts which are already saved in Outlook
  • This method does not support corrupted PST files.

Extract Email Addresses from Outlook PST File Online

I am aware that many of you are searching for online tools, some of which you may already be using. However, I must advise you that the tools available online are not risk-free. Because these kinds of tools are not subject to verification, you should steer clear of using them. since you have no way of knowing whether or not they are keeping your data, and there is always the possibility that they are making use of your data without your consent.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hello there, can you please explain to me why I should use the offline tool over an online tool?

    There is a huge difference between online and offline tools like

    Offline Tools Online Tools
    Offline Tools are Safe Online Tools are Unauthorize
    Offline tool Works without Internet Internet Access Required for Online Tool
    24*7 Support Available No Customer Support Available
    Unlimited Conversion Limited Data Conversion
  • I have a PST file that is corrupted and I want to export email addresses from that PST file. can this manual method will work on a corrupted PST file?

    No, this method will not work with corrupted PST files, you should try an expert solution to extract email addresses to open PST files.

  • Can I export only email addresses using this method?

    Yes, the software supports all DWF files created with any application in bulk at once.

Time to Say Goodbye

In this post, we will discuss the comprehensive and cost-free process that can be used with the Outlook email client to extract email addresses from PST files. There are numerous instances in which we find ourselves in a position where we need to export email addresses but are unsure of how to do it. In the previous section, we provided a comprehensive description of the procedure.