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How to Open PST file without Outlook – Get Free Solutions

Written By Sophia Grace
Marco Devin
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Published On October 10th, 2023

Summary: In this post, we will explain the free manual methods to open PST files without Outlook. Along with that, we will explain professional application that makes the complete procedure trouble-free. So, users don’t have to depend on any other platform to read their PST files.

Sometimes situations appear when users have PST files and they want to read the file without using the Outlook email client. We all know PST files can only be viewed in the Outlook application.

Crashing and virus attack is common in Outlook application, and due to this PST file does not open in Outlook. So, using a professional tool or converting PST files into any other file format will help you to read the Outlook PST files.

Free Manual Methods to Read PST files using Outlook

Here we will open the PST file by changing the extension using the Outlook application. The complete procedure is mentioned below:

Change PST into TXT File Free

You can convert the PST file to TXT format using Outlook and send it to them. The TXT format can make the content easy to access. Use the following steps to convert PST to TXT:

  1. Open Outlook and select the email to convert to TXT format
  2. Then, click on the File at the top of the screen
  3. Choose Save As, then choose TXT as your save format
  4. Now you can send it to anyone who wants to open it without Outlook.

Convert Emails from PST to HTML Format

Let’s try to convert PST email to HTML format. Also with this free method, we will open Outlook, choose the desired email, then click File >> Save As and save the file in HTML format. Anyone without Outlook can now access this HTML file.

Free Methods to Open PST Files without Outlook

Here we will show 2 methods to read files using the GWMMO tool. All the steps are mentioned below:

Open PST File Using Free GWMMO tool

GWMMO is an interesting tool to read PST files without Outlook. This free technology was created by Google to migrate emails to PST files on Gmail. This free tool helps you import mail, calendars, and contacts into Google Mail and optionally include folders. There is also a command-line utility for mass email migration that administrators can use. Google needs to use this tool. However, this tool will only migrate your email to Gmail.

  1. First, free download and run the tool, then select the location of the PST file.

    How to Open PST File without Outlook

  2. After finding the file, you can select various parts of the PST file, such as calendar, contacts, or email. If you want to migrate a specific email address, it allows you to add a specific date range.

    reading pst file without outlook account

Read Outlook PST file without Outlook Account with Professional Solution

The PST Viewer Software to open PST files without MS Outlook. You can use this application to view all Outlook items (such as emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc.). Although this application supports damaged or large PST files, Microsoft Outlook users may be unable to open them.

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This splendid application is adorned with specially designed features to make the whole process extremely simple to perform for users. This software provides the uploaded PST file in different preview modes. This tool offers two different scanning modes Quick scan and advanced scan. Quick scan to open and explore PST files. Users can check the advanced scan option to execute a detailed analysis of the uploaded PST file. Advanced scan mode allows the users to scan any damaged and corrupted Outlook PST file.

Working Steps to Open PST file without Outlook

The working of the PST viewer tool is explained in the below section:-

  1. Launch the software on the Windows PC. read outlook pst file without outlook account
  2. Hit on the add file and navigate to read the PST file with the advance scan option. read
  3. Create a complete preview of MS Outlook PST files with attachments pst
  4. Provide an option to switch view modes: Horizontal or vertical mode. reading pst file without outlook account


Convert your outgoing PST data to TXT, HTML format. TXT, HTML format can support content access. More importantly, the method tries to open PST files manually without Outlook, but due to some technical glitch, it is not possible. We also guide you through a trusted solution that users can try. In this article, we have explained to understand how to read PST files without Outlook manually and automatically.

Frequently Asked Question

Q.1 Can I open PST files that are completely inaccessible?
Ans. Yes, with the software mentioned above users can open and access corrupted and inaccessible Outlook PST files efficiently.

Q.2 Is it possible to read multiple PST files together?
Ans. Yes, it is possible by using PST viewer software, Users can view several PST files. This tool contains a search feature to search PST files in particular system drives.