Free Tips to Open PST File Without Outlook in Windows OS

July 9th, 2022 ~ Outlook Tips, Win ~ 4 Minutes Reading

In this section, you can learn simple and free techniques to manually open PST file without Outlook. Here we will show you both manual and free viewers to access the complete data of Outlook.

Sometimes situations appear when users have PST files and they want to read the file without using the Outlook email client. We all know PST files can only view in the Outlook application.

Crashing and virus attack is common in Outlook application, due to this kind of problem PST file will not open in Outlook. So, using a third-party tool or converting PST files into any other file extension will help you to read the Outlook PST files. Or sometimes happen when we have a PST file but don’t know how it access.

I know most users are looking for manual methods because it’s free. But now we bring the best and free solutions, which allow you to read PST file without Outlook. In this write-up, we will show you completely free methods.

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Manual Methods to View and Read PST File using Outlook

Here we will open PST file by changing the extension using the Outlook application. The complete procedure is mentioned below:

Change PST into TXT File

You can convert the PST file to TXT format using Outlook and send it to them. The TXT format can make the content easy to access. Use the following steps to convert PST to TXT:

  1. Open Outlook and select the email to convert to TXT format
  2. Then, click on the File at the top of the screen
  3. Choose Save As, then choose TXT as your save format
  4. Now you can send it to anyone who wants to open it without Outlook.

Convert Emails from PST to HTML Format

Let’s try to convert the PST email to HTML format again. Also with this method, we will open Outlook, select the desired email, then click on File >> Save As and save the file in HTML format. Anyone without Outlook can now access this HTML file.

Today, many users use free email applications over Microsoft Outlook. If you just want to open old PST files in Outlook, this is a good choice. Because many email clients do not accept Outlook PST files.

Free Methods to Open PST File without Outlook

Here we will show 2 methods to open files using the GWMMO tool and a third-party tool. all the steps are mentioned below:

Open PST File using GWMMO Tool

GWMMO is an interesting tool to view PST files without Outlook. This free technology was created by Google to migrate emails to PST files on Gmail. This tool helps you import mail, calendars, and contacts into Google Mail and optionally include folders. There is also a command-line utility for mass email migration that administrators can use. Google needs to use this tool. However, this tool will only migrate your email to Gmail.

  1. First, download and run the tool, then select the location of the PST file.

    PST file

  2. After finding the file, you can select various parts of the PST file, such as calendar, contacts, or email. If you are interested in migrating a specific email address, it allows you to add a specific date range.

    specific data

Free SysTools PST Viewer

The SysTools Software can open PST files without Outlook. You can use this application to view all Outlook items (such as emails, contacts, calendar items, tasks, etc.). Although this application supports damaged or large PST files, Microsoft Outlook users may not be able to open them. There are two versions of MS Outlook PST Viewer: free and paid. The free version only views PST files.

The figure below shows how to quickly access Outlook PST files without Outlook. To view your email in an Outlook-like interface, find the PST file on your computer and scan it.

Also, we mentioned the software above, which you can use. The software is completely free for all users. Also, the software provides unlimited features and capabilities.


Convert your outgoing PST data to TXT, HTML format. TXT, HTML format can support content access. More importantly, the method tries to open PST file manually without Outlook, but due to some technical glitch, it is not possible. We also guide you through a technical method that you can try. In conclusion, in this article, we are trying to understand how to read PST files manually and automatically without Outlook.