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How to Extract Email Addresses from OST File? Free Methods

Written By Kristian Wilson
Marco Devin
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Published On September 20th, 2022

Here I will explain to you the methods to extract email addresses from OST file using completely free manual methods. Also, here you will get the many situations and queries, where you will get the point that why users want to export OST email addresses.

As we all know that Outlook creates an OST file format to save Outlook data offline on the user’s machine, which stores data like email, address, contacts, calendars, etc.

But sometimes, users want to extract email addresses from OST file for personal and professional work. mainly addresses required for marketing purposes, and others. Here we are going to mention some user queries and reasons why users want to download email addresses.

User Queries to Export OST Email Addresses

Situation 1: “Hello there, I have an OST file which has some large important data about a case. And some of the emails have proof. Now I can’t find any method to download email addresses from OST file. could anyone suggest to me the right and fastest method?”
Situation 2: “Hey, I am a marketing manager and I have OST file which contained large user base data like email addresses, contacts, email data, etc. so I want to export only email addresses to send them some discount voucher, but I can’t find the method to do it. I am looking for a solution, which can export only email addresses in bulk from OST File to open OST file.”

Answer 1: Don’t worry, here I will explain to you the manual methods to extract email addresses from OST file. users can select the method as per their needs.

Answer 2: If you are looking for the fastest method for bulk conversion, then professional solutions are always best for it. There is multiple professional solutions are available in the market, which provides amazing features which allow users to extract email addresses from PST and OST file.

Free Methods to Extract Email Addresses from OST File

Here I will show you 3 manual methods to export email addresses from OST file. Be careful while perming the methods, complete steps are mentioned below:

Method 1: Using Outlook “Export” Feature

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook email client.
  2. Now from the File tab, select export to a file option.
  3. After that, choose the “Personal file folder (PST)” option.
  4. And then select the data which you want to export.
  5. Lastly, select the location where you want to extract.
Important Note: If your Outlook is connected with exchange, then the method will work.

Method 2: By using the Archive Option

  1. Once again in MS Outlook.
  2. Click on the “File” >> select archive from the menu bar.
  3. And then, choose the email which you want to extract.
  4. Now select the destination, where you want to download.
  5. In just a few minutes archiving will be completed.
Important Note: This manual method doesn’t export contacts from files.

Method 3: Drag and Drop Method

  1. In Outlook choose a single email or multiple emails using the “ALT” key.
  2. After that, drag and drop the email on the desktop or whether you want.
  3. Now your email will save in MSG format, which can only open in Outlook.
Important Note: Outlook must be installed and connected with the exchange properly.

Above mentioned all the methods will extract emails only, which contain the email addresses and other details. but if you want to extract only email addresses, then you should use the expert solution.

Drawbacks of using Manual Methods

  • It is impossible for users to extract email addresses from orphan OST file.
  • You need to have Outlook set up on your computer.
  • Also, Outlook must be connected with exchange.
  • Users can not export only email addresses from the Outlook OST file.

Time to Say Goodbye

The aforementioned tool is highly recommended if you wish to safely and effectively extract email addresses from OST file. While it’s true that everyone would prefer a cost-free answer. Unfortunately, such options often come with additional strings attached that may not be acceptable to some people.