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How to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook? Manual Methods

Written By Kristian Wilson
Marco Devin
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Published On July 8th, 2022

In this article, I am going to cover the topic of how to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook. If you are looking for a similar answer then this article will be helpful for you.

Windows Live Mail users are increasingly migrating to Outlook, mostly because Outlook offers more sophisticated functionality and is generally considered to be superior to Windows Live Mail. Also, we all know that Microsoft discontinued the WLM service.

When Windows Live Mail discontinued its service, all the users of WLM started to export and migrate their data to other email clients. And most of the users select the Outlook email clients to migrate their data. Because Outlook, a more sophisticated edition with more advanced capabilities is available.

Reasons to Import Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST

  • It is difficult to manage data in emails using Windows Live Mail, but Microsoft Outlook is well-known for its robust email management capabilities.
  • According to our best knowledge, Microsoft has stopped supporting Windows Live Mail, and the software will no longer get updates.
  • Usually, Windows Live Mail may have an issue with the id 0x800ccc0f, which can have a negative impact on the system’s general speed as well as its level of security.

Manual Methods to Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook

As we mentioned above Windows Live Mail is not in service. But still, some users using this application, have Windows Vista and XP. This procedure is for those users who are using applications on these machines. All steps are mentioned below:

We will show you 2 manual methods, that are mentioned below to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

  • Using Windows Live Mail
  • With Drag and Drop Method

Step 1: By using Windows Live Mail

Users of Windows Live Mail (WLM) have the ability to export their mail data straight from WLM. To Export Windows Live Mail to Outlook, do all of the procedures listed below.

  1. Open Windows Live Mail on the system and select File >> Export Mail >> Email Message.

    export Windows Live Mail to Outlook

  2. Select the “Microsoft Exchange” option from the drop-down and press “Next

    Microsoft Exchange

  3. Now you will get a pop-up on the display and click “OK” to continue to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook
  4. Next select Outlook from the drop-down and press “OK

    select Outlook

  5. Choose either the All directories or Selected folders choices from the Export Messages dialogue box before clicking OK to continue.
  6. The current state of the export process is shown in a new dialogue box, as seen below.
  7. You will get a notification stating that the procedure was successful to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Step 2: Drag and Drop Way to Migrate Windows Live Mail to Outlook

When transmitting WLM files, a storage disc should be used. Simply dragging and dropping the EML files from WLM to Import EML Files into Outlook into the newly created folder inside the Outlook desktop client is sufficient to transfer them to another machine. This may be accomplished by following the procedures described below to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook:

  1. It is typical for your system to have these WLM files stored in the below locations:

    C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail

  2. There will be several directories with mailbox data at that location. Download these files to your computer’s hard disc.
  3. Connecting Your External Storage Drive to Your Current Machine
  4. Create a New Folder by opening the Outlook app (the name is WLM).
  5. Simply drag all of the documents into this folder to complete the operation to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

These manual methods are best for only those users who are using the below versions of Windows 7  OS. Because Windows Live Mail does not support the above versions of Windows 7. If you have exported data from Windows Live Mail and want to move to the latest Outlook version then you should take the help of a third-party tool, which helps you with the hassle-free procedure.


In conclusion, all of the manual techniques described above to export Windows Live Mail to Outlook are difficult for non-technical people to utilize, and as a result, manual methods have limitations such as being time-consuming, slow, and in danger of data loss. So, if you are willing to take a chance, go with manual techniques to import Windows Live Mail to Outlook PST File; otherwise, use third-party software.