How to Recover Lost AutoCAD DVB Password Manually?

May 7th, 2022 ~ Password Remover, VBA ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Several developers and coders want to recover lost AutoCAD DVB password. Are you also? If yes, then read this blog to get a manual solution to remove the VBA password from AutoCAD DVB files.

Many users use VBA passwords to protect themselves from unwanted people. They don’t want anyone to see and modify their crucial data. That’s why they set a password. For intense, in the organization, a lot of programmers and coders have come and gone again. They protect their code and data with a password. A VBA password. But what to do when you forget the VBA password? So don’t panic. We will provide you with a free solution to recover your VBA password from Excel file.

User Query

“I have an old AutoCAD DVB file which is protected with a password and I forgot the password for that file. Does anybody know the manual method to recover the .dvb file password?”

Know More about AutoCAD DVB File

A DVB file is a VBA project generated by AutoCAD VBA, which is a module used to construct applications for automating activities in AutoCAD. It is made up of a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) program called a macro, which has parts and code to automate a task.

Mostly, professional developers want to save their VBA macro and module coding resources. As a result, they use the password on AutoCAD DVB files.

Manual Method to Recover Lost AutoCAD DVB Password

Before we proceed to the manual solution, there are a few things you should keep in mind.First, copy your .dvb file to another location. In case, during the process, your file gets corrupted and damaged, then you have a backup copy of your DVB file.

  • Firstly, change the AutoCAD file extension from .dvb to .zip.
  • Secondly, double click on the Zip file to open it with WinZip or WinRar programs.
  • Then, open the xl folder and export the vbaproject.bin file.
  • In a HEX editor, open the vbaproject.bin file.
  • Next, change DPB to DPx and save it.
  • Replace the old vbaproject.bin with the new vbaproject.bin.
  • Next, again replace the .zip file with a .dvb file.
  • Start Visual Basic in the AutoCAD program.
  • Select the Protection option and set a new password for the AutoCAD DVB file.
  • Now, you can open the AutoCAD DVB file with the new password.

Limitations to Remove AutoCAD Password from DVB File

Truly speaking, the manual method is the only way to remove the AutoCAD VBA project password. But it has some restrictions:

  1. You know that all the steps are too complicated. To operate these steps, you need to know the technicalities.
  2. It depends on the DVB file size. This process will take time to recover the lost AutoCAD DVB password.
  3. This manual process doesn’t allow you to remove the AutoCAD password from DVB files in bulk.
  4. There is no guarantee to give you an accurate result.


No, you need to have a HEX Editor installed on your computer.
No, this process works only if your DVB file is in good condition. This process will not work if your file is corrupted or corrupted.
No, remove the password from the file one at a time. You need to repeat this process over and over again.

Final Word

In this article, we have provided you with the best manual way to recover a lost AutoCAD DVB password. Some office partner or developer has left their office, then you need to extract VBA macro and module code. But still, this process has its limitations, so read the restrictions first, then follow these steps.