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Free Tip to Hide Chat on WhatsApp using Quick Trick

Written By Neha Verma
Marco Devin
Approved By Marco Devin  
Published On August 24th, 2021

The free trick shown here will allow you to effortlessly hide chat on WhatsApp so that no one can see them.

When WhatsApp is used, it enables users to quickly and easily hide any discussion. So, that no one else can see what they are talking about on their phone. Find out what this technique is and how you may put it to use in your life now.

WhatsApp, which is owned by the Facebook company. It has received an update that includes a new feature for the Archived conversations category. With the assistance of this new feature, users will be able to conceal unwelcome messages from others. The top of the screen displays the most recently archived discussion when a new message is received on WhatsApp under normal circumstances. The message will continue to appear at the top of your screen until this feature is enabled. But it will be relocated to the archived chat folder once the functionality is completed. It is only after you have manually unarchived the conversation. It will appear at the top of your screen again.

As reported by WhatsApp, there are a large number of users who would prefer that their previously archived conversations remain buried in the archived chats folder rather than being shown at the top of their phone’s screen. Because of the modifications made to the archived chat settings, archived message threads will now stay in the Archived Chats folder even if a new message has been delivered to the thread that was previously archived.

Steps to Hide Chat on WhatsApp

You may finally be free of unwanted and unnecessary communications as a result of the inclusion of this new feature; thus, if you would want to conceal such messages as well, follow the steps described in this section.

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  •  Now tap and hold on any chat you want to archive.
  • Now Archive button will appear on the top of your screen.
  • Tap on the Archive button to archive the chat.
  • You can also archive all the chats. To do this, tap on Chats and go to More options > Settings.
  • Now tap on Chats > Chat history > Archive all chats.

There is one very important point to remember: Archiving will not erase any conversations, nor will it back them up to an SD card. In addition, unless you respond to the archived conversation, you will not get any notifications about that discussion on your phone or computer.

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