Best Trick to Auto Delete WhatsApp Media after Watching

August 6th, 2021 ~ Software Tips ~ 3 Minutes Reading

WhatsApp has added a new feature is Auto Delete WhatsApp Media.

After seeing the picture or video that was sent in the chat, it will be auto delete on WhatsApp media.

With the introduction of the ‘View Once‘ function, WhatsApp has introduced a new unique feature. Photos and videos transmitted via this mode will vanish from the chat window. After they have been seen, providing users with more privacy.

Nowadays, we have relegated our smartphones to the exclusive purpose of capturing pictures and recording movies. However, we do not want what we say to be digitally recorded and stored in perpetuity. It is common for pictures shot with your phone to remain on your camera roll for an indefinite period of time. As a result, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature known as ‘View Once’ option to its platform. Photos and videos transmitted via this mode will vanish from the chat window. After they have been seen, providing users with more privacy. WhatsApp is rolling out this functionality to everyone starting this week. he company wants to hear from users about their experiences with it.

You may use this function to share any private information or moments, such as while putting on new clothing in a shop, sharing a Wi-Fi password, or any other unique occasion, according to the information obtained from the WhatsApp blog.

auto delete WhatsApp media

Similarly to the personal messages you send on WhatsApp. The material you transmit via View Once is secured with end-to-end encryption. Which means that even WhatsApp cannot see what you’re sending or receiving. On such mails, the number “1” will be printed. After you have seen the picture or video, the status of the message will be changed to ‘Opened,’ so that you are not left in any doubt about what has happened.

What is the operation of the new feature?

If you send a vanishing message on WhatsApp, the media will be marked with a ‘View Once’ symbol. There will be no opportunity to see who will be receiving the gift. Once it has been seen by the user, it will not be able to be accessed again. This is comparable to similar capabilities on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

In order to make it easier to understand what is going on in the conversation. Facebook has said that the message will stay as ‘Opened’ after the picture or video has been seen.

It is necessary to utilize the app’s camera in order to transmit a view picture or video to someone else on WhatsApp. After you’ve taken a picture or video of it, tap on the symbol to share it as a view to your friends.

After sharing a picture or video, the user will not be able to access it again. The receiver will only be able to see it once as a result of this feature.

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