Gmail vs Apple Mail! Which App is Better for You?

October 6th, 2021 ~ Computer Tips, Email Tips ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you unsure which email app is best for you? Gmail vs Apple Mail!

And you’re keen to know about the differences between Gmail and Apple Mail.

This blog will assist you in determining which application is best for you.

Today, email is important to everyone, whether it’s a businessman, a student, or any other profession. Many people use email to share data, information, travel details, banking information, and more. All emails are stored in one place. Email applications like Apple Mail, Outlook, and Gmail are mainly used by internet users due to their configuration, editing options, and easy-to-use interface.

Apple Mail is a browser email service. However, performance and comparison with Gmail are two important issues to consider. You will be asked if you want to continue using Apple Mail and your Apple device or if you want to switch to Gmail.

This blog allows users to choose their email platform (between Apple Mail and Gmail) based on their needs and requirements.

The Basics Knowledge – Gmail vs Apple mail

Let’s start with a high-level explanation of what Apple Mail is and compare it to Gmail to go into more detail. According to the company, Apple Mail (commonly referred to as “Mail” on the iPhone) is an email client designed specifically for devices running the iOS operating system. It uses an SMTP server to send messages, an IMAP server to retrieve messages, Exchange and POP3, and S/MIME to manage these communications.

Apple Mail is available on almost all iOS devices. It is typically designed to work with iCloud, many email services closely related to Yahoo Mail, Outlook, Gmail, AOL Mail, and Apple Mail. Your email service is connected to Apple Mail.

However, Gmail is a mail client and a mail service provider, while Apple Mail is a mail client. At the end of the article, I’ll clarify the difference between Gmail and Apple Mail.

  1. Send and Receive Messages: Gmail and Apple Mail act like advanced email programs. You can send, receive, draft and organize your inbox by checking, organizing, and deleting emails as read or unread.
  2. Present App: Apple Mail is available on all Apple devices and Gmail is available on all mobile platforms. The Gmail app for iPhone is not immediately available, but it is still available.
  3. Compose Messages: You can compose a message on both email devices. Manage your messages in a variety of ways, including fonts, bold, and attachment options. However, it is difficult to add attachments on iPhone.

Addons & Extensions – Compare Gmail vs Apple Mail

Both Gmail and Apple Mail provide add-ons and extensions. The number of extensions you can add to Apple Mail. For example, utility solutions allow you to edit email attachments, manage contacts, and provide additional keyword shortcuts. Changing the standard Apple Mail experience on iPad and iPhone is more difficult.

However, Google recommends plug-ins and add-ons from other parties that improve Gmail users. For example, a three-time application can provide complete statistics on the use of e-mail addresses. These are applications that can simplify the task of linking e-mail and provide users with additional functionality for business use. Plus, with the addition of the Chrome browser, we have some intuitive layouts that help users navigate emails and websites.

There are so many apps, add-ons, and extensions available in Gmail that we’ve covered the 45 best choices to get you started. Using Gmail may be available in at least some of your favorite communication and project management applications.

Gmail has the upper hand in this situation. It is more flexible. Open Gmail on any platform.


Apple Mail has several features for storing multiple accounts in single apps.

Let’s say we have three email accounts in different applications like Gmail, Yahoo, and iCloud. However, you can back up all your account data at the same time by installing the Apple Mail app on your device. You can also view emails individually and receive pop-up messages from all of your accounts at the same time.

Gmail, on the other hand, also offers such a service. All emails from multiple accounts sync your email account with Gmail. It saves all your emails in one place, but it’s a little bit harder to organize all your emails from different applications at the same time.

Presence and Reliability

Launch and compare the presence and flexibility of Gmail and Apple Email. There are many variations of Gmail and Apple’s email. We associate the device application for each device.

Both Gmail and Apple Mail are very easy to use. Organize your account the same way. Similar to Gmail, to delete an email in your Gmail account, swipe left to delete it. Looking at the mobile app versions of Apple Mail and Gmail, there are fully defined differences between Gmail and Apple Mail, both of which have different capabilities and operations for sending, deleting, and viewing email.

On the other hand, Apple Mail has a “3D Touch” concept. This is an advanced feature of Apple devices. You can press hard on the Apple phone screen, they asked to preview the email. The 3D touch feature is not available in Gmail. You can delete emails directly in Gmail.

With Apple Mail, attaching attachments to Apple apps is difficult. If the email doesn’t have an attachment icon, you’ll need to press and hold the body of the email to attach the image.


In this blog, I have explained the features, basic knowledge, and ease of use of Gmail and Apple Mail. Also, Apple Mail is an email client, not an email service, but Gmail is both. With Apple Mail, you have to pay to use the app, but Gmail doesn’t have the app.