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Gmail Plugin Extension For Better Email Controlling

Written By Sophia Grace
Marco Devin
Approved By Marco Devin  
Published On September 24th, 2021

Gmail plugins extension for better Email controlling are simple to install. User looking for Gmail plugins extension that will increase your productivity while emailing, tracking and managing your Emails. The majority of them are either free or offer a free trial.

In this article, I’ll show you my favorite Gmail plugins extension for better Email controlling.

Gmail Plugins Extension – The Top 25 Gmail Plugins

The Gmail plugins extension listed below are the ones I’ve found to be the most useful Gmail plugins extension in terms of increasing productivity and saving time. Examine them out!

  1. EmailAnalytics – Gmail plugin extension

    email analytic plugin

    EmailAnalytics is an analytics app that will give you more insight into how you spend your time on email. You can find out how many emails you send and receive each day, how long it takes you to respond, and the average length of your email threads.

    Use this information to improve your emailing speed and efficiency.

    It differs from the other Gmail plugins extension on this list in that it provides insights that are not available anywhere else.

  2. Simple Gmail Notes – Gmail plugin extension for beginners

    simple gmail note extension

    Gmail Notes is a simple and excellent Gmail plugin extension for beginners. You can make notes about messages and conversations, which allows you to save, arrange, and recall them when needed.

  3. Virtru

    virtru email plugin

    Virtru is one of the Gmail plugins extensions on this list that aims to improve the security of your email data. This is a must-have if you frequently send confidential, proprietary, or other types of sensitive information.

    Virtru protects your data and allows you to set your messages to expire or completely revoke them.

  4. Batch Reply

    batch reply plugin

    Batch Reply is a variation on the “canned response” theme we examined in hack #42. Use it to label and reply to all the emails in your inbox with the same outgoing message.

    If you repeatedly convey the same message, then your coworkers will recognize it.

  5. Boomerang

    Boomerang plugin extension

    For example, one of my favorite Gmail plugins extension is Boomerang, which lets you schedule emails to be sent at a later time. This is useful if you want to appear to be working later than you actually are, or if you want to accomplish something more ethical, such as sending emails while you’re in a meeting or during someone’s office hours.

    More information on how to do this can be found in our in-depth blog post on how to schedule an email to be sent later in Gmail.

    It’s possible to set up Boomerang to send you automatic reminders to follow up on emails that haven’t yet received a response, ensuring that no emails fall through the cracks in your workflow.

  6. Digify

    digify plugin extension

    Digify is another Gmail security plugin extension that enables you to track attachments sent via the app and “unsend” them after a specified time period.

    Additionally, you can track who has viewed the document and enable an auto-self-destruct process, described by the brand as “Mission Impossible style.”

  7. Mailtrack

    mailtrack plugin

    If you’re ever unsure whether or not your receivers have received your messages, Mailtrack is the ideal Gmail plugin extension for you.

    Each message you send using Mailtrack’s capability receives two checkmarks: one when the message is successfully sent and another after it is read, complete with information about when and how the message was read.

  8. Todoist

    todoist plugin extension

    Gmail’s built-in task list doesn’t provide enough functionality for those who prioritise task-oriented perfection.

    Todoist allows you to turn emails and conversations into a streamlined task list that helps you stay organised and focused on your highest priorities.

  9. Strikethrough Etc

    strikethrough plugin

    Strike through, Etc. is a Chrome add-on that offers additional options like upside-down text and arrows to enrich your text taste.

    Please view our complete list of Chrome productivity extensions.

  10. Sortd

    sortd plugin extension

    Sortd should look familiar if you’re familiar with the project management styling of the popular project management app Trello.

    This plugin turns your Inbox into an interactive series of columns that you can use as a card-based task management paradise—if there is such a thing as a task management paradise.

  11. Gmelius

    gmelius plugin extension

    Gmelius includes a number of exciting features, such as post-dated scheduling, automatic reminders, to-do list integration, and tracker detection.

    It’s an all-in-one platform that’s free to install, so it’s brilliant.

  12. BombBomb

    BombBomb plugin extension

    The BombBomb Gmail plugin extension is what you’ve been looking for if you’ve ever wanted more streamlined functionality when recording video and sending it through Gmail. Its PowerWheel makes it simple to record video and embed that video in an email, as well as track the number of people who open that email and watch the video.

    Please refer to our step-by-step guide on how to initiate a Gmail video call if you prefer to simply initiate a video call through your email.

  13. Yesware

    Yesware plugin

    EmailAnalytics displays team email activity

    • The first-responding vendor receives 35-50 percent of sales.
    • Following up within an hour increases your chances of success by 7x..
    • The average salesperson spends 13 hours per week on email.

    Yesware’s main feature is email tracking. Any email you send will have a “track” option.

    If you check this box, you will receive an email notification when your email is opened, allowing you to ensure that your messages are being delivered—and learn when they are being read.

  14. KeyRocket

    KeyRocket plugin

    If you’re a knowledgeable user of Gmail keyboard shortcuts, you’re aware that there is a learning curve associated with reliably and consistently using them. KeyRocket is a Gmail plugin extension that notifies you when an action you performed could have been performed more quickly using a keyboard shortcut.

    It’s as if you have a live assistant assisting you in learning time-saving techniques.

  15. WiseStamp

    WiseStamp plugin extension

    Gmail allows you to create a custom email signature from the Settings menu, but if you want your signature to stand out, you’ll need WiseStamp.

    WiseStamp assists you in creating a custom email signature, complete with a headshot and professional design if desired, to make all of your emails look more professional (and you become easier to contact).

  16. ActiveInbox

    ActiveInbox plugin extension

    ActiveInbox is a task management platform with a similar interface to the standard inbox.

    its primary goal is to help you track all of your emails and reach “inbox zero.”

  17. PixelBlock

    PixelBlock plugin extension

    Most of the tools on this list track when your emails are opened or read. You’re awesome, but do you want someone using your emails?

    PixelBlock is where it is.

    It’s a Chrome extension that prevents other people from tracking your emails and tells you when tracking attempts have been stopped.

  18. Checker Plus

    Checker plus plugin extension

    If you want to check Gmail without opening it, try Checker Plus plugin extension. Checker Plus can be found in your top browser bar as an icon, indicating when you get a new message with a short summary of the message contents.

    Have emails read aloud to you.

  19. Just Not Sorry

    Just not sorry pluging extension

    Just Not Sorry is a fascinating Gmail extension that can potentially enhance your messages. When you say something like “I’m sorry,” “I think,” or “I’m not an expert,” it automatically recognises observing different that could be used to undermine your message.

  20. FlowCrypt

    FlowCrypt plugin extension

    Returning to the topic of security, FlowCrypt is a Gmail encryption extension that can assist you in securing your email. It’s free and easy to set up, so it’s important to consider if you want a little extra security.

  21. Discoverly

    Discoverly piugin add-on

    Learn more about Discoverly, a Gmail plugin that is useful for salespeople and anyone else who wants more detailed information on their email contacts. This feature automatically connects your Gmail account to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media networks, allowing you to learn more about the people who are emailing you without ever leaving the Gmail interface.

  22. FollowUp CC

    FollowUp plugin add-on

    Forgettable individuals, busy people, and everyone else who needs a gentle reminder from time to time, FollowUp CC is the solution for you. Using a single click, you can instruct the app to automatically contact you in response to any email you send or receive.

    The ability to track whether your sent email is opened, as well as follow up after a specific interval, regardless of whether the email is opened, will be available to you. It’s one of the most effective methods of staying on top of your most important messages and tasks, and it’s free.

  23. Rename Email

    Rename Email plugin extension

    Let’s face it. Your coworkers are terrible at coming up with catchy subject lines, and it’s affecting your team’s performance. Fortunately, the Chrome extension Rename Email is available to assist.

    You can use it to personalise all of the subject lines in your Inbox, so you won’t be confused about what “Thursday???” means any longer.

  24. Auto Text Expander

    Auto Text Expender plugin extension

    If you find yourself spending more time drafting emails, try using Auto Text Expander. This app lets you create custom keyboard shortcuts for words and phrases rather than app functionality.

    For example, you could link a short snippet like “co.profile” to a paragraph-long description of your company.

    It has the possibilities to save you hours of email drafting time each month.


    Unroll plugin extension

    Despite the fact that we are all subscribed to far more marketing and promotional lists than we would like to be, it is extremely difficult to manually unsubscribe from them all. Unroll. Me, on the other hand, clarifies things.

    You can link your account to the service and see which lists you are subscribed to. After which you can unsubscribe from all of them at the same time if you wish. Don’t let those few seconds you spend each day manually deleting emails pass you by. This is an excellent opportunity to save time.

Found Something You Require?

If you’re a power user looking for Gmail plugins extension that will increase your productivity while emailing. There’s almost certainly a plugin on this list that will be of use to you. Give them a shot!