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How to Export Emails and Calendar from G Suite to Outlook PST?

Written By Kristian Wilson
Marco Devin
Approved By Marco Devin  
Published On July 7th, 2022

Do you have no idea how to export emails and calendars from m G Suite to PST (Outlook)? So here we will provide you the best and easiest techniques to export Google Workspace emails to Outlook files by using manual methods…

G Suite (Google Workspace) has long been a fantastic method to establish domain email accounts. It also provides you accessibility to unique capabilities not seen in other email systems. Paying’s worth saving it for Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and other Google apps. However, since Microsoft released Outlook 2019, many businesses intend to utilize Outlook for email services.

G Suite is excellent for new and growing companies due to its low cost and variable membership options. Whenever a company grows, it chooses a product such as  Microsoft Outlook that is user-friendly, efficient, and adaptable.

Data extraction from Google workspace(Google Drive) and migration to PST Outlook is not straightforward. Users may transfer a particular IMAP mailbox to MBOX format, but not several Google workspace mailboxes to MS Outlook.


Manual Techniques

There are four ways to export Google Workspace (G Suite) mailboxes and calendars to PST. firstly, we will export emails from G Suite then we will export the calendar to PST. all techniques need G Suite admin privileges to export the mailboxes.

  1. To export G Suite emails to PST file
    • By using the G Suite Admin Console
    • By using Microsoft Outlook
  2. Export G Suite calendar to PST
    • Extract ICS file in Outlook

Method 1: Export G Suite Emails to PST file by using G Suite Admin Console

The easiest way to export G Suite emails to office PST is through the Google Workspace Admin interface. Users may transfer their emails using the Data Export tool G Suite. When using this tool, make sure:

  • Firstly, you need an account with a domain which is must activate in 30 days.
  • Users have the login details and abilities of the Superior admin for the domain that you own.
  • Their account has been activated with two-step authentication.
  • Their G Suite account has much less than around 900 to 1000 members.

After verifying these sections, utilize the Data Export tool as follows:

  1. Go to the Google workspace and choose Open from the top right corner >>Data Export then Tools.
  2. Next press on Start Export.

Depending on the mailbox size, the utility may require up to 10 days to transfer data. When all information is transferred, users will be notified by email. Users may also examine the export summary G Suite email to PST to view what data was exported.

Method 2:  By using Outlook

Several users are probably, aware of the fact that you may export MS Outlook data to a PST file by utilizing the import/export function. Some people are unaware that if users integrate their Google Workspace account with Outlook, users can simply export their data to a PST file.

But there are some points Safety should be used by users of beforehand, including the following:

  • It is necessary to set up the G Suite (Google Workspace) account with administrative privileges.
  • Backups of G Suite emails will need to be done one at a time.
  • Check to see that your Google Workspace (G Suite) does not have upwards of 100 emails in it.

After you’ve taken care of these items:

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your device.

    open Outlook

  2. Set up your G Suite account with Outlook.

    enter G Suite id to PST

  3. After the configuration, it will take some time.
  4. When your data save completely choose file>>open and export>>import/export option.

    click import/export option

  5. Select Import and export wizard>> export to a file.

    export G Suite emails to PST

  6. Choose Outlook data file(.PST) and Next to continue.

    choose PST option

  7. Choose email box or account which required to export.

    choose folder

  8. Select the Desired Location and click on the Finish icon.

    select location

Method 1: To Export G Suite Calendar to PST

  1. Log in to your G Suite account.
  2. Choose the Gear icon (top right corner) and select Settings.

    c=”” alt=”export G Suite calendar to PST” width=”865″ height=”558″ />

  3. Choose Import & Export(left panel) and then choose the Export option.

    select export option

  4. Press on export icon to save all calendars in a separate .zip file extention.
  5. Retrieve the calendars from the .Zip extention and save them in the ICS file format.

    export ICS file to PST

Method 2: Extract ICS file in Outlook

  1. Open Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the File menu>>choose open and export.
  3. Choose import/export>>the tool will open.
  4. Now choose import Icalendar (.ICS) or vcalendar (.VCS) and next to continue.

    export ICS file

  5. Now browse the file location.
  6. After that, select Open as New to start it as a new calendar without transferring its content. For existent Outlook calendars, select Import.

    Import G Suite emails & calendar to PST

Limitation of Manual Methods

  • Manual techniques are very time-consuming and labor-intensive processes.
  • Your data will be lost if you make a single mistake.
  • It is difficult for non-technical users.
  • Users may not export particular data with these data
  • After 30 days have passed since your previous export, you may repeat the process.
  • It does not allow all of the many kinds of data export.
  • All of the data will be saved on the Google Cloud in a zip file.


In conclusion, all of the ways to export emails and calendars from G Suite to pst listed above are helpful and free, but as we stated in the previous paragraph, manual methods have limitations, therefore if you are ready to take a chance, manual techniques are the way to go. Alternatively, use another third-party tool.