How to Convert VCF Contacts to CSV File? Free Guide

October 8th, 2022 ~ How to ~ 4 Minutes Reading

This write-up will describe the methods to convert VCF contacts to CSV using completely free manual methods. Also, here we will mention the complete information and step-by-step guide to convert vCard to CSV format.

In this digital era, VCF (vCard) and CSV format are used to store single or multiple contact information, which stands for VCF/vCard (Virtual Contact File) and CSV for (comma-separated values). Users can easily view, edit, and save contact information on mobile, Phones, Laptops, Tablets, and Personal Computer in vCard and CSV format.

There are many situations when we have to convert VCF contacts to CSV format. let’s get started with the process of exporting vCard files to CSV format.

Reasons to Convert vCard Contacts to CSV Format

Some of the reasons and situations for vCard to CSV conversion are mentioned below:

  • Developers of websites will find CSV files (comma-separated values) exceptionally straightforwardly.
  • For the purpose of efficiently categorizing massive amounts of information.
  • It’s trustworthy and easily distinguishes between numbers and words.
  • Notepad and other text editors can read and modify CSV files.
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How Can I Convert VCF Contacts to CSV Format?

Here I will show you the step-by-step free guide to import vCard to CSV format in Windows 11, 10 8, and 7 versions in 2 steps. Follow the complete procedure, that is mentioned below:

Step 1: Import Contacts to Windows Contacts

  1. Firstly click the “Windows + R” keys on your pc and then enter the mentioned command and hit the “OK” icon.



  2. Now click on the “Import” icon in windows contact.


  3. After that, select the “vCard (VCF)” format and hit the “Import” button.

    select vCard

  4. Now browse the location, where your VCF contacts are stored and click on the “Open” button.


  5. Next, all the contact information will show, also you can edit it and hit the “OK” button to import it.

    contact information

  6. Repeat the process again and again for each contact one by one to convert VCF contacts to CSV.

    Repeat process

  7. Now your vCard contacts will import successfully.

    successfully convert VCF contacts to CSV

Step 2: Convert VCF Contacts to CSV Format

  1. Now choose the imported VCF contacts and click on the “Export” icon.


  2. And then, a window will appear to choose “CSV” from the screen and click on the “Export” icon.

    window will appear

  3. Now choose the destination, where you want to export contacts.


  4. After that, enter the name of the file and click on the “Save” icon to convert VCF contacts to CSV.

    convert VCF contacts to CSV

  5. Next, verify the location and hit the “Next” icon.


  6. Choose the fields you want to export with contact information and hit the “Finish” icon.

    contacts information

  7. The process is running on the screen.


  8. When the process will complete, you will get a confirmation message.

    confirmation message

Now you will get your contacts on the selected locations in CSV format.

Drawbacks of using Manual Methods

  • The manual method will take a long time and also users have to repeat the process again and again for each contact.
  • Users can import and export contacts in bulk, and also have to do extra import/export processes.
  • Some technical knowledge is required to convert VCF contacts to CSV.
  • Also, there is a high risk of data loss, while using manual methods.

Extra Information about VCF/vCard and CSV Format

VCF (Virtual Contact File) files contain all information about a contact, including their name, email address, physical address, phone number, photos, and more in a simple text format. A vCard file is a VCF file. The digital file format is a common way to keep track of people’s and businesses contact information.

CSV files, which stand for “Comma Separated Value,” are used to store spreadsheet data in plain text format. Words, figures, dates, etc. are all included. It is compatible with many different spreadsheet applications.

The Final Words

The most common question we get is whether or not it’s possible to convert VCF contacts to CSV format. This article offers a manual way to do the conversion in an effort to answer these questions. If any of these options sound appealing, feel free to investigate them further and pick the one that best suits your needs.