How to View VCF (vCard) file : 5 Best Free Methods

open vcf file

April 11th, 2022 ~ File Management Tips ~ 5 Minutes Reading


In this article, we will show you the best and finest five ways to open a VCF file. As we know Contact information is stored as VCF files, commonly recognized as “vCard” files, which may be viewed and transferred by email providers like Yahoo, iCloud, and Gmail, excel, and also MS Outlook desktop clients.

So, without further ado, let us get to the point.
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Ways to View vCard file

  • Open VCF file in excel
  • With MS Outlook (Desktop)
  • Open VCF file using Gmail
  • View vCard using Yahoo mail
  • Open vCard using iCloud

#1 Open VCF file in Excel

  • In MS Excel, Choose the File option or click the Office button
  • Click on the Open option to view a dialog box.
  • Choose All files from the right-side drop-down menu.
  • Browse the VCF file and select it.
  • Click the Open button.

Open VCF file in Excel

  • Set the delimiters to set how the data will be shown after import.
  • Click Finish.

#2 Open VCF File With MS Outlook (Desktop)

  • Go to the MS Outlook (Double-click the Outlook 2016 application symbol, a white “O” on a dark blue backdrop.)

    Go to the MS Outlook

  • To View vCard, choose the file>>Open with>> MS Outlook.

Another way is to open it from within Outlook:

  • Press on the File icon from the top right corner.

    file icon from the top right corner

  • Now choose the Open & Export option.

    choose the open & export option

  • And select the Import/Export option.

    select the import/export option

  • Select “Import a vCard file(.VCF)” from the list of options.

    import vCard file(.VCF)

  • Hit on the Next button to continue.

    Hit on the next icon to continue

  • Choose the VCF file you want to view in outlook.

    Choose the VCF file required to view in outlook

  • After selecting the file, press on the Open button.

    At the end press on the open icon

#3 Open VCF file by using Gmail

  • Open Google Contacts on your browser. You’ll see the Gmail contacts (if you’re signed in).

    Download or install the utility

  • If you’re not already signed in, provide your Gmail address and password (Visit the Google Contacts official website-
  • Click on the More option (from the top right corner).

    Click on the more option

  • Choose the Import option from the drop-down.

    Choose the import option

  • Choose the CSV or vCard option from the bottom of the menu.

    Choose the CSV or vCard option

  • Now select a file from the Choose file button.

    select a file

  • Choose the VCF file you want to open.

    VCF file required to open

  • Hit the Open button from the right bottom corner.

    Press on the open button

  • And hit the Import button to add and view VCF file in Gmail.

    hit the import icon

#4 View vCard by using Yahoo Mail

  • Open the Yahoo mail application or visit yahoo mail’s official page:

    Go to the yahoo mail

  • Log in to the email account.
  • Click the Contact icon from the top right corner.

    Choose the contact icon

  • For the old version of Yahoo mail: Click the notebook symbol in the upper-left corner of the window.
  • To import contact, click the “Actions” option.

    import contact choose the “Actions” option

  • Now select the Import option from the drop-down.

    select the import option

  • Press on Choose file option.

    choose file option

  • Select the VCF file which needs to be open in yahoo mail.

    select the VCF file

  • Hit on the Open button.

    Hit on the open icon

  • At the end, select the Import button to open VCF file in Yahoo mail.

    select the import option to import contacts

#5 View VCARD using iCloud

  • Firstly, go to the iCloud or go to to visit the official site.

    go to the iCloud

  • If you’re not already signed in, provide your iCloud address and password.
  • Choose Contacts from the dashboard.

    Choose contacts from the dashboard

  • Now select the Gear icon for settings (from the left bottom area).

    select the gear icon for settings

  • Click on the Import vCard option.

    import vCard option

  • And choose the VCF file which needs to open in iCloud.

    choose the VCF file

  • Choose the Open button from the bottom corner.

    Choose the open icon

Still having Trouble Opening the file?

If users are unable to view your file with any of the applications listed here, users may want to double-check the file extension first. Whenever two file extensions have the same spelling, it’s simple to get them mixed up.

To name a few instances, there is FCF (Final Draft Converter), VCD (Virtual CD), and VFC (Ventafax Cover Page). Do a little experiment to determine out what kind of files you got, whether this is one of them or something else. Users will require to know the structure and which software users will require to access it.


It is an anglicized version for the VCF file format. These are referred to as vCard files, the file type used to store electronic business cards and contacts as per industry standards.

The greatest frequent utilization for VCF files is to store contacts and transfer them from one application to another application.


In conclusion, here we covered how to open a VCF file using Excel, Gmail, Yahoo mail, iCloud, and Outlook, among other applications. As a result, you should choose the techniques that are most appropriate for you and carefully follow all of the instructions. It pretty straightforward for non-technical people. You can utilize manual techniques if you use the relevant applications, alternatively, you may use also use a third-party tool.