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What is Microsoft Office 365? – Everything You Need to Know

Written By John R. Crawford
Marco Devin
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Published On March 2nd, 2022

Let’s understand what is Microsoft Office 365 suite, in this informative write-up. Microsoft 365 is also known as Office 365 or Exchange Online. This is a bundle of software combined together in one package. 

It holds a massive market share of 40.39%[as of Oct 2020]. However, a lot of recognized organizations prefer Office 365 as it provides professionalism better than anyone else.

In this article, we are going to discuss Office 365, its significance, and vital utilities. Read this comprehensive article for a better understanding of this topic.

What is the Importance of Microsoft Office Productivity suite?

Universal Software Solution

Office 365 is a universal solution, used by organizations worldwide. With some major updates, Microsoft recently developed Office 365 for smartphone devices. Moreover, Microsoft started giving its utilities on the cloud as Exchange Online. These services are very much compatible with macOS[Apple operating system] despite the rivalry of Apple & Microsoft.

All-time Access

Office 365 is developed by Microsoft to smartly enhance their technology on the cloud. On the other hand, they’re still providing their existing services. Therefore, if you have your Office 365 login credentials, you can access your workspace from anywhere & anytime. There is no or very minimal scope for facing difficulties. 

Microsoft Support

Users with any subscription plan of Office 365 can get support from Microsoft anytime to maintain the smooth workflow of their business. Therefore, this increases the efficiency and the usage of the product. In a nutshell, Microsoft justifies the complete O365 package & is value for money.

Secure & Easy to Use

Office 365 utilities are safe & secure to keep your organization’s data. This is because Microsoft spends billions of dollars on the safety & security of data every year. Moreover, These services are easy to use. This is what makes Office better than other available services. Your data is safe with Microsoft.

What are the Utilities that Office 365 Provides?

Users can get different utilities based on their subscriptions but there are a few major applications that most organizations use. These are mentioned below and there is a high chance that you may have already used some of these.

Office Word – It helps users with the production, editing, and formatting of professional write-ups.

Microsoft Onedrive- Onedrive is a cloud storage facility to store files in different formats. It holds the capacity to store heavy files.

Office Excel- This application is a spreadsheet program that helps end-users to analyze statistical data in tabular form.

Outlook- Outlook is an email client that enables users to send and receive emails to anybody in the world with a valid email id. Above all, this is a very powerful tool and increases the importance of Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Sharepoint- We can say that Sharepoint is a leading tool for the management & collaboration of websites. It offers plenty of functionalities to users for the smooth working of organizations’ websites.

Office Powerpoint- It is an advanced slide show presentation software & the most common component of the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft OneNote- Users can consider OneNote as a digital notebook that can archive & sync your notes all by itself.

Teams- Office Teams is for connecting & collaborating with coworkers for various projects, sharing of data, and other business conversations.

Yammer- Yammer is an open place for an organization’s internal communication, announcements, updates, requests for feedback, etc.

These are a few major applications that users can get benefitted from, after buying the Office 365 subscription as required.

Categories for Office 365 Subscription Plans

Now, after learning what is Microsoft Office 365 cloud & its utilities, we should know what subscription plans does it Offer to users.

The prices for these subscriptions may vary from $5 to 20$ for a month. Microsoft Office 365 has divided its subscription plans into 4 major categories.

  • Personal & Family Plans
  • Education
  • Business
  • Enterprise

The Final Say

We’ve successfully discussed “what is Microsoft Office 365 ”, its significance, and the utilities that Microsoft provides. Evidently, now you can say that Microsoft provides its various applications in a bundle called Office 365.