Easy Way to Copy and Save Yahoo Emails to Flash Drive?

save yahoo emails to flash drive

July 15th, 2022 ~ Data Drive Tips ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Hey, are you looking for a way to save Yahoo emails to a flash drive? If yes, then, here are the best free methods to copy Yahoo mails to a USB flash drive by using manual methods.

Nowadays, when it comes to communication, email is very essential. But thousands of messages in your mailbox can cause a filtering problem to separate the important ones. In these kinds of situations, one may attempt to save Yahoo Mail to a flash drive. This one will store your Yahoo mail locally and you will be able to view it offline anytime.

Let’s start with the topic…

Reasons to Save Yahoo Emails to Flash Drive

The primary benefit is the answer to Yahoo mail’s problems. Because Yahoo mail has some issues, people attempt to copy Yahoo emails on USB flash drive for later usage. A few benefits of Yahoo data move to a flash drive:

  • Keeping all emails on a USB stick is a simple way to recover important conversations, files, and documents. The emails may be monitored if needed.
  • The storage of important papers on a flash drive saves up mailbox capacity for current emails. Additionally, a clear mailbox makes applications like Microsoft Outlook run quicker. Ypou can export Outlook email to Hard Drive.
  • If users transfer Yahoo Mail to a USB drive, users will be able to view the saved emails even when they are not connected to the internet.
  • Storing emails on a flash drive serves as a backup in case users can’t view the Yahoo mail for various reasons.
  • The data stored on USB device assists manage email accounts. Also, because only essential emails are delivered to a disc, it serves as a backup measure.


Manual Methods to Save Yahoo Emails to Flash Drive with Attachments

By using free manual methods, you may easily save Yahoo emails into USB Drive/ USB Stick, flash drive, Hard drive, and locally.

  1. By using ctrl + c and ctrl + v
  2. Copy Yahoo mails to USB flash drive with pop setting
  3. Save Yahoo emails to flash drive with MS outlook

#1 By using CTRL + C and CTRL + V

Remember that it is a basic alternative consisting of copying and pasting the words someplace else, not a complicated procedure.

You may backup Yahoo emails using this method by copying the entire wordings of the email message and pasting them into a Word document. Going on, users will be able to utilize these Word documents anytime.

#2 Copy Yahoo Mails to USB Flash Drive with Thunderbird

Users may easily save Yahoo emails to a flash drive using any email client with POP3 setting. To use this method, you would need an email client that supports POP mail delivery.

Note: If you use POP setting, all your Inbox emails will be moved from Yahoo server to the email client i.e., your emails will be stored in your local computer. But the Yahoo server mailbox will be empty when accessed by browser.

Here, we have used Mozilla Thunderbird for this task here:

  1. Open the email client.
  2. Go to Tools >> Account settings”.
  3. Click on Account Actions >> Add Mail Account.
  4. Enter the login details and click Configure manually.
  5. Choose POP, fill in the details:
    1. Server: pop.mail.yahoo.com
    2. Port: 995
    3. Encrypted Connection: SSL
  6. For SMTP:
    1. Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com
    2. Port: 465 or 587
    3. Encrypted Connection: SSL
  7. Test the settings and click Done.
  8. Finally, your Yahoo Mail account is set-up with Thunderbird. Let it download all your emails.
  9. Now insert the USB flash drive.
  10. Select the Yahoo account, right-click, select Settings >> Server Settings.
  11. Copy the local directory path and open this location on your Windows.
  12. Copy all the files and paste them into the USB flash drive.
  13. Your procedure of saving Yahoo emails to a flash drive is complete.

If you required to save Thunderbird emails to portable drive (Hard Drive), it also a good decision for future purpose.

#3 Save Yahoo Emails to Flash Drive with MS Outlook

Use this method only if you want to save the mailbox in OST or PST format. Follow all steps to add Yahoo mail to MS outlook:

  1. In Outlook, go to File and click on “Add account“.
  2. Now, enter the Yahoo mail account and click the Connect button.
  3. Finish the configuration successfully. Detailed stepsConfigure Yahoo in Outlook
  4. Let it download Yahoo emails.
  5. Click on File >> Open & Export >> Import/Export
  6. Select Export to a file >> Outlook Data File(.pst).
  7. Select the Yahoo mail account.
  8. Browse the location where the file will be saved.
  9. Click Finish.
  10. Next, go to the file location and copy this PST file.
  11. Insert the USB flash drive into the device.
  12. Paste the file into a flash drive to save Yahoo emails to flash drive.
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Restrictions of Manual Method

  • When storing several Yahoo emails on a USB stick, users must go through a time-consuming step-by-step procedure.
  • There is no filter option to filter any specific data in manual methods.
  • You don’t have the option to choose a preferred file format when saving emails. It is already pre-defined.


In this post, we covered how to save Yahoo emails to a flash drive by using manual methods and free procedures. As we mentioned in the preceding section, manual techniques have certain limitations. So, select the method that best suits your needs; otherwise, a third-party tool may be used instead.