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How to Import MBOX to Google Workspace/ G Suite Account?

Written By Kristian Wilson
Marco Devin
Approved By Marco Devin  
Published On November 11th, 2022

These days many users do not wish to lose any data by all means. That is why they often move their data to a safe and secure platform from where they can easily access it whenever they wish. MBOX is a common file format utilized by multiple email clients, it mostly consists of all the data including emails, contacts, and tasks. Most of the users wish to import MBOX to Google Workspace due to certain security reasons.

Now in this blog, we will be elucidating different free techniques by which one can import MBOX to Gmail without any data loss. But before that let’s discuss the fundamental cause behind this query.

Main Reasons to Import MBOX to Google Workspace

Here we will be discussing the primary reasons behind importing MBOX files into G Suite: –

  • If by any chance, you have your data saved on your local system, then there are high chances of corruption occurrence. Whereas, the cloud conserves the data from file corruption as well as machine corruption or any kind of damage.
  • Migrating your data from your local system to the cloud would be a wise decision because you will be able to observe your emails at all times and access them when needed.
  • Google Workspace offers more security to shelter your data from hackers and there is no risk of getting a malware attack.

Manual Methodology to Import MBOX Files to G Suite

In this segment, we will be using the Mozilla Thunderbird email client to open MBOX file to Google Workspace. MBOX is the default setting in Thunderbird and an MBOX file is generated for each Thunderbird mailbox folder respectively. It is quite easy to configure a Google Workspace account into Mozilla Thunderbird. But one thing to keep in mind while processing is that in order to configure your G suite account into any application, you need to opt for the app password.

As everyone knows, Google’s less secure apps have come to an end since 30th May. To enable your app password to follow the below-mentioned instructions: –

1. Enable your IMAP Access

Here get through these steps to complete the task: –

  1. Navigate to your G suite account and choose Settings >> See all settings tab.
  2. Press on the Forwarding and then POP/IMAP.
  3. You can now enable IMAP from the given options and save the changes made.

2. Generate your App Password

  1. First, navigate to manage your Google option and select the Security tab.
  2. Choose the App password button under the signing into the Google account.
  3. After that, select the Apps option and then you can choose the App & select the device that you are utilizing.
  4. Make sure to follow the instructions and your password will generate on the device.

Now, you are all set to import MBOX to Google Workspace. Here follows the step-by-step procedure mentioned down below: –

Step 1. Import Your MBOX File into Thunderbird

Well, if you happen to have an orphan or created with another email client such as Apple Mail, Gmail, and other applications. So, the first step would be to import your MBOX file into Thunderbird. After successfully importing your files into thunderbird, you can follow the rest of the steps mentioned below.

Step 2. Setup the Google Workspace Account into Thunderbird

Here, go through the listed steps to import MBOX to Google Workspace: –

  1. To start, Launch Mozilla Thunderbird on your Machine.
  2. Next, click on the Alt icon and select the Account Settings option.
  3. In the next step, choose Account Actions and then you can hit the Add Mail Account option.
  4. Enter your email addresses as well as the password of the G suite account.

    email addresses

  5. Afterward, you can set up your server details as per your requirement, and lastly, click on Done.

    server details

  6. Now, your G suite account is successfully configured into the Mozilla Thunderbird.

Step 3. Import MBOX to Google Workspace Account

  1. In the first step, open and run the Thunderbird email application.
  2. Afterward, you can browse the folder that contains the MBOX file.
  3. Right-click on the MBOX file and select the “Move To” & “Copy To” options from the list of options.

    Move To

  4. Next, browse your desired folder where you wish to import MBOX to Google Workspace.

At last, your MBOX file will be successfully imported into Google Workspace. But as we know manual methods have certain demerits that can affect the data. Let’s take look at the limitations which are mentioned below: –

Disadvantages of the Aforementioned Manual Techniques

  • The entire procedure can be lengthy and it can be time-consuming. Also, it is important for users to have Thunderbird installed on their local system.
  • During the operation, there are chances of data loss and corruption due to human error.
  • Also, users won’t be able to import multiple MBOX files into Google workspace as Thunderbird does not offer any feature that can import multiple items at a single time.

Observational Verdict

The blog elucidates the manual ways to import MBOX to Google Workspace. Users can utilize the free methods that we have mentioned here as they will not cost them anything. But it does have some limitations that can lead to data loss and corruption. To avoid these demerits, one can simply opt for third-party software.