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Importing Google Takeout to another Google Account Now Made Simple

Written By Sophia Grace
Marco Devin
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Published On November 7th, 2022

Overview: In this guide, you will get a detailed overview of how you can import Google Takeout to new account. The entire process is divided into four steps and has been explained in detailed steps. You can follow this guide and carry out the entire process for free.

Gmail has always been the first choice of most users when choosing their personal email client. The easy usability and free storage space offered in it are one of the major reasons why it is preferred by a large chunk of users.

Many users have created multiple Gmail accounts for free and use them for different purposes as they don’t get charged for using multiple accounts. However, there are a couple of scenarios where a user needs to transfer his/her data from one account to another. In such cases, a user can import Google takeout to new account by downloading the Gmail data using Google Takeout and then importing it into another Google account.

It sounds like an easy task to perform! Right? But it is not as easy as it sounds if opting for a free manual procedure. You must have the sufficient technical understanding to execute this task in a proper manner. If you don’t have any technical expertise in such tasks, then there are high chances of getting unexpected outcomes after the process.

Considering the importance of your crucial data, we have discussed a detailed step-by-step guide in the following section to import Google Takeout to Another Google Account. The tutorial explains a free process to complete the job without any loss of data.

How to Import Google Takeout Data to New Account for Free

Supposing that you have already exported your Gmail data using Google Takeout and have a ZIP containing that data. You first need to extract data from the ZIP file. You will get MBOX as a resultant file containing all your email messages. Now, the next step involves configuring a Gmail account in the Thunderbird application via IMAP settings. After successful configuration, you need to import MBOX files to Thunderbird and let the email application synchronize the entire data in your Gmail account.

The following section contains a detailed procedure to import Google Takeout to new account.

Step 1: Extract Data from ZIP File

1. Right-click on the ZIP file and click on the Extract Here option.

2. This step will extract MBOX files from the downloaded ZIP file.

Step 2: Setup Gmail Account in Thunderbird

1. Open Thunderbird email application and click on the Settings icon >> Account Settings >> Account Actions >> Add Mail Account.

2. You will get “Enter Your Existing Email Address” window where you need to enter your Full Name, Email Address, and Password. In the Password field, enter the App Password and not the normal login password of your Gmail account. (You can learn how to create App Password here.)

3. Click on Continue button.

4. Cross-check that you have selected IMAP configuration while setting up Gmail account and click on Done button to complete the process.

The next procedure while importing Google Takeout to another Google account is to install the ImportExportTools NG extension in Thunderbird.

Step 3: Install ImportExportTools NG Extension

1. Launch Thunderbird on your system and click on the 3-horizontal bars.

2. Choose the Add-ons option from the dropdown list.

3. Enter ImportExportTools NG in the search bar and hit Enter button.

4. The search results will display the ImportExport Add-on. Click on Add to Thunderbird button.

5. Finally, hit the Add button to install it.

Step 4: Import Google Takeout to New Google Account via MBOX

Important Note: During the import process, please make sure that you are importing the MBOX file into the Local folders rather than directly into the IMAP account. This is because the Add-on cannot import MBOX into IMAP-based folders. So, you can first add MBOX into Local folders and then copy-paste the emails into IMAP-based folders.

1. Launch Thunderbird on your system and right-click on the folder (Under the Local Folders section) in which you want to import your data.

2. Expand the ImportExportTools NG option and click on Import mbox file option.

3. Select the “Import directly one or more mbox files” radio button and hit the OK button.

4. Following that, choose the MBOX file that you want to import and hit the Open button.

5. Finally, the process to import Google Takeout to another Google account has been accomplished.

Concluding Words

Moving your data from source to destination platform could be a daunting task if you don’t opt for the right procedure. Thus, to make your task simple and error-free, we have provided an in-depth step-by-step tutorial to import Google Takeout to new account. This write-up contains all the free procedures that you can use and transfer your data effortlessly.