Import Google Takeout (Archive) to Another Account.

Google Takeout to Another Account

September 12th, 2022 ~ Email Backup Tips, Gmail Tips ~ 4 Minutes Reading

We all know in this time Gmail is one of the most popular online email services, because of its advanced features such as being easy to use, understanding layout, free platform, easy to compose, and many more. Moreover, many users use Gmail and create several Google accounts. For instance, one for Google Voice, one for Google Docs, and one for Google+. If users want all their data import several G accounts to one Google account. Is it possible? If a user wants to import Google Takeout to another Google account? Yes, using Google takeout you can transfer your all data from one to another account.

Google Takeout is a Google Inc. facility that allows users to upload all of their Google data in a single .zip or .tgz file. It is a good way to backup all Google data to your system. We’ll look at how to efficiently import Google Takeout to another Google Account. Using the Google Takeout method user can easily export emails from Google Takeout to Outlook PST manually.

Also with Google Takeout mails, the critical challenge arises when attempting to import Google Takeout to a new account. Let’s have a look:

User’s Query

“For some reason, I want to delete my current Google account. And I import my all data (Archives Mail) to another Gmail account via Google takeout. But I used the Google Takeout method, arise some difficulties on my way. How to upload Google takeout Archive to new account manually?”

Easy and Manually – Access Google Takeout data to New Account

Note That: During the import process, if you are facing the Google Takeout failed error, don’t worry click on this link to read the reason and prevention.

Users use Google Takeout to import the entire details from Google mail in various ways. You can extract everything that you used in your Google Account like – videos, images, contacts, and so on the pack in one .zip and .tgz file format. You can download data from Google account manually step by step:

Run Google entire details using Google takeout Features

  1. Go to your Google Account and log in.

    open google takeout

  2. Press on the download your data option, Select only the Mail option and to continue click on the Next tab.

    select option fron google takeout

  3. Select the Send Download link via email, from the delivery option.

    send download link from delivery method

  4. Pick .zip option from the file type option.

    select zip option google takeout to another account

  5. As per your need, you can select archive file size (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB). Then press Create Archive tab.

    select file size to google takeout to another account

  6. Start process of Google Takeout archive. Please wait…

    google takeout to another account is on processing

  7. After completing the process, you will receive this message: “Download Archive” and the Google emails will be saved in your Downloads folder.

    download google archive file to import another account

Contacts can be Moved to Gmail

Google Takeout allows you to download all of your Gmail contacts in VCF format. So, importing contacts (VCF) to Gmail manually is too easy. Steps are bellowed:

  1. Firstly, log in Gmail account.
  2. Secondly, select the Contacts option as you can see on the screenshort.

    login gmail account

  3. Thirdly click the Import contacts option.

    login gmail account

  4. Finally, To continue, select File option and upload the VCF file and click import option.


  5. The contacts imported successfully message appears on the screen after the process. As a result, the user can quickly transfer contacts from one Gmail account to another.


Read More: If you do not want to import the VCF file, then only you can open the VCF (vCard) file to view the contact details.

Migrate Calendar from Outlook to Google Calendar

The Google Takeout store calendars in ICS format. Import calendar follows these steps:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • On the drop-down in Gmail see the calendar section.

    import calendars

  • Now, click the setting gear icon « Settings on the upper right side.

    click setting option

  • Next, hit the Import & Export option on the left side.

    click import & export option

  • Then, select the ICS file you like to transfer by clicking the Select File From Your Computer.

    select ics file

  • Finally, for importing, choose the import option.

    import google takeout to new account

    After this, all the calendars (ICS) are ready to move to another account.

Import Gmail Archive MBOX File to Outlook

After exported the data from Google Takeout, it create MBOX file format to store the mails in the Zip folder. If a client wishes to manually import Google Takeout data to another account then first they need to convert MBOX file into PST format then import PST file in Outlook via manual method.



In conclusion, all the above we explain how to import Google Takeout to another Google account. Numerous users have multiple Google accounts. However, handling all account become tricky. With this manual method, you can easily import Google Archive data to Another Google account.