Top 10 Computer Forensics Software Review

September 16th, 2021 ~ Data Drive Tips, Software Tips ~ 7 Minutes Reading

Here are some very useful solutions to complete various parts of Computer Forensics Software.

In addition to mobile devices, desktop computers, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, Computer Forensics also focuses on evidence gathered from digital media. Additionally, the use of digital forensic techniques can be used to preserve and identify evidence that can be used in court.

Digital information is available on a number of alternative platforms and can take many different forms and forms. The forensic analysis includes reviewing documents, emails, network activity, and other potential artifacts or sources to obtain clues about the applicability, impact, and attribution of the incident.

There are many tools to help you get this job done easily. In addition, these solutions provide detailed reports for legal purposes.

Let’s have a look…

1. SysTools MailXaimer – Email Forensics

SysTools Email Forensics

MailXaimer Email investigation software allows users to create specific keywords based on the situation. Users can use the developed search tools and other conceptual search operators (OR, AND, NOT) in their search queries to get reliable results. It also allows customers to find internal emails and attachments.


  1. Establish a Cases Repository to keep track of the whole case and to evaluate selected evidence.
  2. Utilize the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) method for searching for certain characters inside an image(s).
  3. Email Forensics for Exchange Server, Office 365, Google Apps, iCloud, IMAP, and Outlook accounts.
  4. A Smart Link Analyze is would use to track down the connections that exist between the criminals.
  5. Able of providing a display of hashes for emails, including MD5, SHA1, SHA256, and MD5 hash values.
  6. Enables you to study and analyze data from E01, LEF, DMG, Zip Archived file, and DD file formats, among other formats.

2. Autopsy / Sleuth Kit- Investigate Disk Image (Computer Forensics Software)

Autopsy computer forensics

Autopsy Kit and Sleuth Kit are the two best forensic kits on the market. In addition, it is suitable for Windows and will perform forensic analysis on forensic images of hard drives and smartphones. Both tools are free and open source.


  1. A graphical user interface is successful in identifying the task.
  2. Email analysis is provided by this tool.
  3. You can organize files according to their category in order to discover all files or images.
  4. It shows a thumbnail of images so that you can quickly view them.
  5. Also, You want a tag file with any name.
  6. The Sleuth Kit allows to pull out information from call details, messages, contacts, and other sources.
  7. You can mark files or folders by using path and name.

3. X-Ways Forensics – Computer Forensics Software

x-ways computer forensics

In addition to being our product line, X-Ways Forensics is also used to conduct in-depth computer forensics investigations. The program can clone and view hard drives. It also allows you to contact other people who can access this software program.


  1. .dd image files have the capability of reading the grouping and file form.
  2. You can navigate discs, RAIDs, and much more.
  3. Automatic identification of lost/deleted partitions.
  4. Access to the logical memory of methods that are currently running.
  5. Observing and formatting binary data systems by utilizing template-based operations.
  6. Cleaning of hard discs in order to produce forensically sterile media.
  7. Various data recovery techniques, lightning-fast and powerful file carving.

4. FTK Imager- Image Creation

FTK imager

By using FTK Imager (a data preview and imaging tool) to create a copy of the data without modifying the original evidence, the data (evidence) can be acquired in a reasonable forensic manner. Also, this can get data (proof) in various situations.

  • When it comes to detecting cybercrime, it takes a wizard-driven approach.
  • The use of a chart in this program allows for a more accurate representation of data.
  • Passwords can be recovered from more than 100 different applications.
  • It is equipped with a sophisticated and done automatically data analysis system.
  • FTK Imager allows you to create and manage reusing profiles for a variety of investigation needs.

5. ProDiscover Forensic – Computer Disk

prodiscover computer forensic

ProDiscover is a popular computer analysis and incident response tool. In addition, it is suitable for Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. It can protect evidence, while also generating high-quality reports for legal proceedings. When you open a JPEG file, this tool will allow you to extract the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) information from it.


  • You can prepare and search for malware in a short period.
  • Using this digital forensics software, a copy of the entire suspected disc is created, allowing the original evidence to remain safe.
  • Additionally, This app allows you to view your browsing history on the internet.
  • The .dd image format can be imported and exported.
  • It views all hidden and deleted files and partitions.

6. MAGNET RAM Capture – Capture the Physical Memory

Magnet ram capture

In the free MAGNET imaging tool, investigators can capture the suspect’s computer disk space, allowing them to reconstruct and examine valuable things often found only in the computer’s physical memory, such as passwords.


  • This tool can run with limited memory overwrite.
  • It allows you to extract hard disk data and import it into magnet AXIOM and magnet IEF for further analysis.
  • It works with a variety of Windows OS.
  • Magnet RAM capture is supported.

7. Wireshark – Network Analyser

batch mode option

Wireshark is a network data packet analysis tool that can be used to analyze network data packets and is provided free of charge. Therefore, it is suitable for network testing and maintenance. However, this tool allows you to monitor different types of traffic passing through your computer.


  • You can use intuitive analysis and coloring rules to help you sort through the packet.
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language) files, CSV files, and plain text files may create by the output.
  • Also, Live information is read from a variety of sources, addition the network, Bluetooth, ATM, USB, and other devices.
  • Multiple protocols, including IPsec (Internet Protocol Security), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), and WEP, are supported for encryption by this program (Wired Equivalent Privacy).
  • Obtains the ability to read and write files in any format.
  • There is a lot of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) analysis available.

8. Xplico – Network Forensics

xplico digital forensics

Xplico is a free application for forensic examination. In addition, it also provides many protocols, including Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP), and so on. Furthermore, it is one of the most powerful open source forensic tools available and supports IPv4 and IPv6 networks.


  • Your output data can be store in either the SQLite database or the MySQL database.
  • When using DNS packages that contain input files, users can complete backup DNS lookups.
  • There is no file size limit.
  • The ability to quickly generate any type of operator to arrange the exported information in a proper way is provided.
  • The PIPI (Port Independent Protocol Identification) feature of Xplico is designed to assist with digital forensic investigations.

9. e-fense – Cyber Security & Computer Forensics Software

e-fense cyber security

e-fense is a software application that can help you meet computer forensic and network security requirements. However, it allows you to locate files on any computer via a simple user interface, thus saving you time.


  • With a straightforward interface, you can quickly and easily accomplish your inquiry goal.
  • Users can also copy, system memory, internet history, and screen capture from a computer to a USB drive using this method.
  • The software also provides virus protection behavior, hacking, and policy infractions.
  • It supports multithreading.

10. Crowdstrike – Cyber Forensics

Threat intelligence, endpoint security, and other functions are provided by the Crowdstrike network forensics software program. However, it has the technology to detect and recover from cyber attacks within days. This technology can also be used to track and prevent attackers from gaining real-time access to sensitive information.


  • You can secure your digital, personal, and cloud-based networks.
  • It is one of the most effective cyber forensics tools available, and it can assist you in managing security flaws.
  • Also, It has the capability of automatically detecting malware.